grape-stained hand

The Boxer

George Foreman once said, ‘Boxing is like Jazz.  The better it is, the less people appreciate it.’ This got me thinking; I would go as far as to argue the same could be said of wine.  In fact, the more I mull this over, the more parallels between the sport of boxing and the art […]

Kimberly in vineyard

2011 – The David Copperfield Vintage

We’ve talked a lot about the 2011 vintage on this blog.  Particularly how difficult it was in the vineyard to deliver a crop of worth in the face of wet weather adversity.  However, the challenges of the vintage didn’t end in the field.  The baton of hard work was simply passed from vineyard to winery. […]

Vineyard with clouds

A Hurricane, a Roller-Coaster and a Cuvée’s Centrist Position

It was a Saturday evening in August 2011.  New York City had been evacuated, leaving eerie TV images of soaked, barren streets.  Traffic lights performed their usual routine, swinging wildly in the winds, but without the lines of vehicles over eager to get moving. The warnings had been coming for awhile.  Hurricane Irene had made […]

sunset over the Hudson

Que Sera, Sera

As a young boy, I used to stand on the terraces of Oakwell Stadium watching my local football (soccer) team in northern England, wholeheartedly singing (when the going was good) a made-up chant to the popular Doris Day track, Que Sera, Sera. For those who are unfamiliar, the lyrics of the football chant go like […]

Helicopters, sleepless nights and a wine called Riesling

Monday, April 30, 2012 – 4.00am. Its a worryingly cold Hudson Valley night.  Hovering in the darkness, a swarm of helicopters are out in force. Their goal?  To seek and stir the air carrying the deadly freeze. Hopefully, the spinning blades will displace the cold air from precious farmland to areas where it causes less […]

Welcome to Tousey Winery!

Welcome to our newly refurbished website and our new blog. It’s been long overdue. In addition to the much needed aesthetic upgrade, we added some new features that include the Tousey Map, the Bio page and the tasting room gallery. We have lots of exciting news and events coming up this summer which we will share through […]

Hudson Valley Red Wine of the Year

We’re thrilled to learn that our 2010 Cabernet Franc has just been named NYCR Hudson Valley Red Wine of the Year! I think I can speak for my fellow editors and contributors when I say that our 2011 Wines of the Year tasting was a fun, challenging and inspiring day of 16 wine tasting flights. […]